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We are the first, the best and biggest fitness social network in Ghana with active users all around the country. Share your thoughts, write blog posts, show your favourite music, earn badges and much more! 

Why Join Our Social Network?

You can actually talk about fitness in Facebook or Twitter but it’s rather distracting. Having a social network centered on health, fitness, and exercise can help you stay focused. Surrounding yourself with people who share the same goals can actually be motivating especially when discussions about fitness and diet are taking place.


Community Reviews

There’s a new social network in town called BFC Community and it brings a whole new social networking aspect to fitness.

Amazing Community

Well, you need a good knowledge on fitness, the right movement, and discipline for both fitness and the diet. Without it you will walk on the same place, going nowhere. Fitness is not with one week result. You need to make it a lifestyle. That’s why Baboo Fitness is the Best. And their latest addition of a Fitness Community Social Networking Platform is Amazing. You meet many people who encourages you to do more. I love it.

Michael Berimah
Community 7, Tema

Best Place for Fun & Fitness

Baboo Fitness Center has been so accommodating and easily accessible. It has encouraged not only myself to join the gym but the rest of my family. It has a wonderful atmosphere with friendly staff which makes coming to gym a pleasure. It is nice to work out with my family with much space to move around and a variety of equipment that is always available. And the Community Networking Platform is awesome.

Agnes Tekyiwaa
Lashebi, Tema

Incredibly Awesome

I’ve had so many unbelievably awesome things happen in my life and my fitness journey just because I was open to trying something new. The BFC Community is incredibly awesome. I’ve met liked minded people who have become both my friends and my mentors. This platform is about more than just fitness for me. I’ve experienced all the good that can come from putting yourself out there and trying something new.

Mitchell Abena Enos
Community 11, Tema

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